For your well being from within

Holistic Health and well being coaching /mentoring:

In our Coaching, or Mentoring we give you intuitive advice specifically tailored for your unique life-circumstances, and train you how to support,promote, encourage, respect, appreciate, heal and value yourself.

Do you want to know how to get the healing and Joy flowing, in your body, mind, heart and spirit, in Your complete You again?

Do you want to know how you can reactivate your inner Pharmacy again?

We believe we all deserve to Feel Great at all times, we also know that our bodies have the capacity to do this by working Consciously Physically Emotionally and Spiritually, choosing and allowing changes that are in alignment with your original cellular blueprint.

Every cell in your body remembers the Divine (superhuman, original) Blueprint, and every cell has the memory of the whole.

We can support you in finding your inner, natural state of health, wealth and well being, your true potential and purpose of life again!

We see you in a holistic way as a multidimensional ( thoughts, feelings, emotions) spiritual being that is inhabiting a physical body .

Imbalances like Dis-EASE are just a messenger to show the contrast to the EASE that is your birth right in body, mind, spirit.

We know our bodies have the ability to heal anything, but to do that, we must support our bodies and treat them with respect, as well as give ourselves what it is that we need to heal, and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

Do you want to know how to untie yourself from all the self created and handed down knots and malware of the Human Drama, and how to leave the learnt behaviour of fear based, painful realities, of the human drama behind ?

If you want to know how to balance your physical, emotional, mental & Spiritual body and how to get back to alignment, then we have the right solutions for you.

Coaching One to One (and/or groups):
How to find your true Potential – Purpose of your life.

You want to know how to let go, how to expand inner joy and being PRESENT Here and Now,in the Moment?

You want finally to do what you LOVE to do?... Or...

You want to learn how to love what you are doing?

Why is that important?

Your life is not a “job” and your work should feel like living your passion, destiny and Higher Purpose.

For whom is that important?

- For you, because you want to love your life.

- For your human fellows, friends, family and your (future or present) customers.

- For the whole world, because when you really love what you do this will effect the whole world in multiple ways. You contribute to the necessary change in the world in many ways.

You want to know how to get there?

Contact us and we will will show you, that it is possible and in deed easy to learn, with simple applicable “tools”:

Either to finally do what you LOVE to do, or to learn to love what you are doing.
You can learn :

- How to know your own worth, regardless of the view of others.

- How to build a strong sense of your own unique abilities

- How to allow that your dreams come true.

- How to LIVE your dream

- How to access the inner knowledge to take care of yourself.

- About the essence of your personal, ultimate success.

- How to localise and then cast of your inner bonds of Self-sabotage.

- How to listen to your inner call of your new life.

- How to recognise and acknowledge your inner wealth.

- How to find your life-purpose by recognising new opportunities.

- How to remove inner resistance and blockages and how to to align your ego with your true life purpose.

Consultations/Mentoring for finding your true Potential – Purpose of your life

               First consultation introductory offer 50% off .. LIMITED OFFER !

#1 Consultation: £ 60 Pounds / (65)Euro / (75) US Dollars 

Reserve your 40 minute consultation/coaching to gain clarity on your true purpose goals,pinpoint obstacles and start taking action. 

You want personal guidance and support? Then this is the tailor-made option for you.

#2 Consultation Your personal action-plan : £ 170 Pounds (190)Euro / (210) US Dollars

Get a 2 hour power-session to define your goals and streamline your strategy to find your true purpose.

Do you want an individualised action-plan to reach your goals without continual guidance and support? Then this is the option for you.

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