Emotional Hygiene & Psychological Health

In much the same way that physical hygiene and personal hygiene involves brushing our teeth, taking a shower and washing our hands before a meal, and taking care of physical injuries, emotional hygiene refers to being mindful of our psychological health and adopting brief daily habits to monitor and address psychological or emotional wounds when we experience them.

We are aware that there is often a profound general neglect in this society of the general importance of our emotional hygiene and psychological health.

How comes that some people spend more time each day taking care of their teeth, hair or fingernails than their minds?

They brush, wash and dress their hairs but what daily activity are they dedicating to maintain their psychological and emotional health?

We would indicate that the consequences of lacking emotional hygiene can be much worse than lacking dental hygiene.

Be honest, which one is more dangerous to lose, a tooth or your mind?

Which habits did you adopt to better your psychological / emotional health?

– Monitoring your emotional psychological injuries such as rejection, failure, emotional and verbal abuse?

– When you continue to carry them through your life, do you make sure your self-respect can recover and rebound?

– Are you aware of the connection between negative self-talk, self-sabotage and the long-term consequences for your emotional resilience?

– Do you know how to break out of repetitive ruminating and brooding about deplorable, worrisome events?

If most of your answers to these questions are “ no”….

We are here to show you HOW

Psychological / emotional bonds to persons, situations /circumstances. The Joy of Detachment:

There is a lot of emotional, mental, verbal exchange out there within our daily social interactions and people wielding it from love and peace to neurotic, rude or even abusive behaviour.

All emotions have triggers, and some of those can be extremely draining or can even cause physical, chronic pain if we do not deal with them in an appropriate, healthy manner.

Do you want to learn and know how to protect yourself from the energy of that kind of behaviour and how to stay mentally ,emotionally and physically balanced?

How to protect yourself against these metaphorically spoken Energy – vampires?

You can learn to apply simple psychological health and emotional hygiene strategies:

These include clearing and cleansing of emotional energy within yourself

– How to pay attention to emotional pain, how to feel yourself again.

– How to stop emotional bleeding, lack of confidence and feelings of helplessness

– How to protect your self-esteem and have greater emotional resilience.

– How to battle negative thinking-patterns and to transform them into self-empowering ones.

– How to treat and finally heal your psychological wounds

– How to clear out blocks and old programming that connects you to, and can pull you repeatedly back in to manipulative behaviours of others to get energy and draining your energy. (attention, conditional ”love”, compliments, adoration, agreements, “loyalty”, addiction, co-addiction..)

This all plays out on more or less subconscious or full-conscious levels .

– You can learn to become conscious about these energy-gaining and draining games.

– Learn simple, and effective “tools” to keep yourself feeling great, safe, and resistant against manipulative energies, that rob us of our life force, or JOY, or inner Peace.

To make it clear: It is not about learning to be more judgemental or to point fingers to some people who are faulty.

It is about discernment and setting healthy emotional and psychological boundaries.

Most people do not know consciously that they are energy vampires, as they are merely part of the human drama of manipulating for energy, instead of just connecting to Source /God /the energy Life-force /Chi, or however you want to call it, themselves.

Some people purposefully and with full intent use energy manipulation, and that is exactly why learning how to protect ourselves is essential, especially troublesome for sensitive and empathic people .

To feel energetically drained means: To feel tired all the time, feeling mentally and physically stressed or even ill.

This is why we do what we do.

We can help you and show you ways to get emotionally , mentally and physically away from all that harms you, and Embrace what will bring you HEALING and WELL BEING, and Rebalance your LIFE !

We do this in many ways, from straight forward teaching you the basics to the advanced techniques of Energy Defence and Energy Hygiene. ( Pranic Breathing techniques, energy sweeping , Chi-Kung exercises.)

TRUTH just IS, it can ALWAYS be recognised and never hidden for long.

Like the Sun and the Moon TRUTH can never be truly hidden, and will always come back in to light!

Healers Psychic Self Hygiene, more here.

Contact us : by Email, to make an appointment or for more information : heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

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