Food as Medicine

Be the creator of YOUR own LIFE.

Practising fun food creation, and living this ourselves, including using home made chocolate as medicine, as well as an excellent weight loss food.

Yes you read that right, chocolate can be an excellent weight loss food, when it is made in a special way. It is very easy to do. We can show you how. We can show you with ease how to make food to fit your tastes in simple and easy ways.

The tastes that you love into being the best medicine your body can get.

The Vibrational Balance of your body’s DNA, Mental calmness, emotional peace, physical and spiritual Well being Can be balanced and re-harmonised in many ways.

One way is to become gradually more aware of your food-choices.

With our support/coaching you can become aware of following scientifically backed food-and nutrition facts :

- The psychology of eating: How does your brain, your emotional state and your mental attitude or belief-system about eating effects your whole life. The “holy grail” of eating and nutrition?

- How are the interconnections between eating-habits, food-addictions and your hormonal-balance, your gut-sense, your immune-system/response, your environment, stress, love, fear, depression, anxiety, influencing each other ?

Eating-disorders through dieting-dogmas?

- How has the food-production-industry and agricultural industry, the cosmetic and the pharmacological-industry mixed up your metabolism and your microbiota and what can you do about that? 

How to dismantle consumer manipulation and discover your power of “real-food” choices.

- How is it possible to get into a healthy love-relationship with your food, nutrition, body again ?

- Does the philosophy “from fear to love” work for food and nutrition too and how?

- Is all this complicated like rocket-science? Nope, it is supposed to be fun.

- Do you have to change your live radically, or expect dogma-bombing? Nope, you do it step by step and it should and can feel like a road to your personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual freedom. Trusting your gut-sense and intuition and doing your own research is important to find the healthiest and best choice for you !

- Can you overcome the yo-yo dieting in the long term? Yes, because we do not encourage you to try an unrealistic “trip to the moon”, we teach you how to do healthier choices, step by step.

As a fully qualified nutritionist (Marianne) and an ayurvedic cook /chef (Andreas), and with extensive knowledge of food, herbs, homoeopathy, flower and gemstone essences, aromatherapy,(both of us) we can help you to show you the joyful way to real food as well as to find out the dos and don'ts of hidden toxins, chemicals / petrochemicals in your food, cosmetics and home.

We can help you to release what harms you, negotiate the minefield of deceit, and embrace what will bring you long-lasting healing and well being. Rebalance your LIFE !

Healthy food does not have to taste like cardboard, it can be fun and joy in every way. We can help you adapt your favourite flavours so food becomes a magical adventure.

As well as one to one’s, we offer Seminars:


Taking RESPONSIBILITY for Ourselves, our Health, our Environment !

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